Being Effective To Be Efficient!


Employees accumulating more and more roles at work has become increasingly more frequent in the labor market. Many companies decide to reduce staff and modernize services. In addition, many workers also accumulate roles outside the workplace, after all, there’s a need for taking care of the household and family and keeping up to date with their studies. Therefore, it is crucial to be efficient and effective to meet deadlines and goals.

First of all, let us explain each terms correctly. Effectiveness means doing the expected, delivering results, and achieving goals. Efficiency is to do all this with higher quality and in less time. Thus, we conclude that a professional must have both qualities to achieve maximum performance.

If you deal with employees constantly, whether as a business owner or leader of a particular department, it is important to seek the best way to lead and motivate the team. Follow our tips to form an efficient and effective team.

1. Organization: 

A clean and organized work environment certainly makes a difference. Ask the entire team to be involved in this process. By organizing the workspace at the end of each day, the employee will find everything organized and ready to begin work when they get to the office the next morning. Have a designated place to store commonly used materials such as pen and paper. These steps avoid breaks and distractions, helping to keep focus on what really matters

2. Task Management:

Have a mural on the wall with the goals that must be achieved and the roles of each team member. This information should be placed in a location of high visibility and easy access. Also, you can create an online group calendar. These measures avoid miscommunication and allow keeping the team in tune

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3. Task Manager:

You can count on many online task managers, either on your computer or as mobile applications. Thus, you can find the best way to manage your time at work and avoid distractions and delays. Choose the right option for your business, and involve all employees in the quest for a more efficient and effective workplace everyday.

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After applying these simple tips, the result obtained will be a change in behavior. All team members will become more focused. The work that used to take 10 days, will be done in 5, and consequently, there will be a significant drop in expenditures. The staff will become more satisfied and deadlines and goals will be met in a timely manner.

A satisfactory job is one done in the best manner, before the deadline, and reaching a predetermined objective. Achieve the maximum potential of your team keeping in mind that effectiveness complements efficiency.

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