Even with so many tools available, is it still difficult to manage tasks?

Gerenciar Tarefas

To the extent that technology has advanced, we now have more tools that assist with productivity. Today there are software and applications that allow you to optimize the company’s work and manage personal and corporate tasks. By just having a cell phone you are able to enjoy these performance enhancers.

However, it is not always possible to achieve the desired result, even with so many tools. This is due to the human factor needed in changing habits for the creation of a productive routine.

While we can rely on many tools to manage tasks, we must prepare the body and mind in order to be disciplined.

Next you will learn how to achieve the results you want in your business and personal life:

The influence of behavior

Clearly, to manage tasks and increase productivity isis dependent on the behavior. The major problem is that it is not enough just wanting to be productive:

  • What generates a behavior is a feeling which, in turn, is determined by a thought.
  • The key to change, then, is what goes through your head.

Important Note: People who have difficulty managing tasks and time tend to experience a flurry of thoughts. This because they can not stay focused on what is needed. Much of the problem is in our modern lifestyle, because, although technology makes work easier, it also brings some problems: We lose focus easily, generating delays, an accumulation of work, and frustration.

The secret, then, is to learn to say no to your own mind:

  1. At the time of performing a task, our focus can try to run.
  2. You notice when your more emotional and instinctive side tries to convince the rational side that you can postpone a bit.
  3. This is when you must use your memory to bring to mind all the negative consequences of when your rational side gives in.


Task management

In this world full of distractions, the tools that help in time management are extremely important. But to take advantage of 100% of the benefits of these software, we need to prepare our minds. And that means:

  • Extract all unnecessary thoughts for that moment and keeping in mind just what is needed.
  • Just like your work area, we avoid any tools and objects that are not needed at that moment, and store them for use when they are needed at a later time.

In the modern world, personal life is inextricably linked to the professional life. This means that if you do not have a good discipline at home, it’s unlikely to have it at work.

Start by changing yourself, focusing on the external organization, and then on the inner. Try to keep an empty mind and use the tools to sort your tasks and habits.

Once you get used to having focus, even if your team does not have discipline, it will be easier for you to maintain it’s productivity. You solved your problem and you will know the reasons for the team’s problems.


Important tip:

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