How can organizational habits bring professional success?


Do you have organizational habits?

Habits are directly linked to productivity and the quality of work that a company performs. Without organization, the business environment becomes unproductive, in comparison to other environments where there is planning and a focus on task management. If good habits are maintained, it creates disciplinary routine which is extremely important for success in business.

For this, time management is essential. Furthermore, organization is necessary to distribute the tasks so that the job is optimized (Please read: More Productive Team with Task Management).

Next you will learn some essential organizational habits to bring professional success to your company:

Caring for the work environment

Before starting the work itself, we need to give attention to the work environment. Start organizing the workplace, leaving everything organized, with a clean look. Disorganization influences a lot in the loss of focus.

  • Dispose of anything that you do not use during the performance of the tasks.
  • Keep every thing you will use in a place you know you will find when you need them.

Tasks list

The task list is the center of your discipline.

  • Take a piece of paper and write down everything you need to do on the day. Do not forget anything, as it is essential that your mind is empty. The paper will be your task manager.
  • After listing them, see which are the more important and that demand more time.
  • Do those that take less than 2 minutes first, and then focus on the more important.

Time cycles

Pausing between tasks is very important. As each task takes a specific time, you can create time cycles.

  • A well-known method is the Pomodoro Technique, which divides the work day in 25 minute intervals.
  • Between each interval, you rest 5 minutes, and after 5 intervals of 25 minutes, you rest 15 minutes.
  • You can alter the method and make 5 intervals of 10 minutes. and then 2 minutes of rest between them.

One task at a time

One of the biggest secrets of productivity is focus. But it’s hard keeping focus when we are doing many tasks simultaneously. Therefore:

  • Focus on one task only, and if possible, stay with it until you finish it, avoiding distractions.
  • When you remember something you need to do, such as a phone call, write it down on a piece of paper and do it after finishing the task.

Free time

The mind needs time to rest and recover.

  • Therefore it is essential to take time to be able to gather new energy and resume work.
  • In these breaks, you can recharge your energy by resting or can have fun doing something you enjoy.

Set deadlines

We tend to use all the time allotted for a task. For example, if we start a report at 3PM, that needs to be completed at 6PM, we will finish minutes before the deadline. And most likely we end up minutes before 9PM if the deadline was 9PM!

  • It is therefore important to stipulate short deadlines, dedicating only the time that we find is required to perform to each task. In this way, we gain time that can be dedicated to other functions.

Realizing how fundamental organization is, we have developed an online task management system: ZPM. Begin today practicing new habits and make your company and yourself more productive:



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