If you don’t know how to get organized, start with these three basic steps!


What if you got organized?

The reason many people do not reach their desired productivity at work is not because they don’t have sufficient knowledge or skills. It’s because they lack organization!

But getting organized requires time management, which is not always an easy task: it is often necessary to get rid of a number of vices acquired over time that prevent the business professionals to align their tasks  according to the available time.

Question: How many people do you know that start a task, and as soon as another demand arises, they drop that task they were working on?

Probably many. At the end of the day, these people certainly will find themselves with various tasks “halfway done and probably not have been able to complete even one.

However, if you find yourself with this behavior, try following these three steps in order to get in the habit of getting organized:

1 – Physical organization:

  • Try to keep your work tools in the same place.
  • Once you have finished using an object, store it in its place (putting it in a different drawer every other day is as unproductive as leaving it on the table).

Imagine how much the wasted time looking for tools simply because you don’t remember where you left them can hurt your performance in a busy day at work. So start getting organized now by establishing specific areas for each of the items that you use at work. And do not forget to return them there after you finish using them.

2 – Task organization:

Now that your work material is organized, let’s move on to the next step. Do you have a little idle time on Monday morning?

Take the opportunity to organize your week:

Make a projection of how much time will be needed for each task and establish priorities. You can reserve 30 minutes to plan your day. Also have a task manager to help you to not miss any task.

This way, you will have an overview of your work day: if a task takes longer than expected, you will know how to respond to avoid delaying the whole day.

3 – Organizing your goals:

Where do you want your business to go? If your goal is to grow the market, you need to set goals for it

  • Make a chart of your professional dreams and identify the resources needed to make them real.
  • From there, set actions to gain these resources and set dates for the accomplishment of each step.
  • Describe a path to be followed for completion.
  • Put into practice.
  • If any step fails or takes longer than expected, do not be discouraged.
  • Redo the planning as often as needed.

However, if you still feel uncertain about how to put these tips into practice, ZPM can help you. We work with software for organizing tasks, which can increase your productivity and hence your confidence.

With our solutions, you have complete control over your time. Simply enter your information and have access to them full time. Furthermore, it is also possible to set reminders. That is, ZPM saves you time and energy in your tasks.

Access: www.zpmtask.com and try it for free for 30 days!



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