Is it Hard to Meet Deadlines? Adopt These Habits and Become Punctual

Even with all the technology around us, is it still difficult for you to meet the deadlines for tasks and everyday projects in your company?

This happens often in business because the number of tasks is growing and it appears is that the deadlines for completion are increasingly tight. The technological innovations also brought to our society a habit for consumption and immediacy, and this undoubtedly also affects the corporate world. In this context, we make some common mistakes:
  • We forfeit quality to meet deadlines.
  • We simply deliver late or come up with excuses for why we weren’t able to complete our tasks.
  • We blame our lack of ability or of time, which in actuality is our lack of good time management.

Understand the following:

The poor management of time generates a lack of punctuality that is often a problem for many people. Just look at how we think it’s perfectly normal to be late to a previously scheduled commitments. If you think like that:

  • You believe that its elegant to not arrive punctually?
  • You consider it normal to be late?

It’s time to start changing your views and put yourself in the place of the person who is waiting for you. So imagine the following situation:

You are extremely busy at work and need to fit in another meeting with another client. You then make a real juggling act with your schedule and reserve 40 minutes for this new meeting, because after that  there is another meeting already scheduled. Let’s imagine that this client arrives 20 minutes late.

Now you are left with two alternatives: Shrink the agenda and try to “solve” the issue in 20 minutes (give up quality) or use the whole 40 minutes and arrives 20 minutes late at the next meeting.

Got it? The lack of punctuality creates a domino effect! Therefore, it is important to learn habits such as:

  • Planning the day ahead: Just 30 minutes of planning and organizing your day will save you hours that would be lost by not being prepared for the unexpected. (We recommend further reading “10 Steps To Organize Your Schedule and Avoid the Lack of Time)
  • Leaving home with some antecedence for an appointment: Keeping a margin of at least 10 minutes between one meeting and another is the beginning of a good task management that will make your day more productive.
  • Writing down all your commitments: It may seem silly, but it is much more common than you think to forget an important appointment amid the rush of the day to day. And that’s bad both for the organization and for you as a professional. Therefore avoid it.
  • Setting priorities: Create a ranking based on your schedule. (Also read: “Know Your Priorities and Be More Productive)
  • Avoid accumulating backlogs: Pending issues must be resolved as quickly as possible, because they “tie up your energy at work, no matter how insignificant they may seem!

By doing this, time management will become automatic, and will happen naturally in your daily routine. If you have become aware of the importance of using your time wisely, this is the time to seek the technology to assist you!

For this reason you need to learn about ZPM! We rely on an online platform that will help in managing your company’s teams and tasks. With it, access to important data is much faster, which optimizes your time. Using a calendar and planning your schedule is important, but relying on a technology tool to help you will make all the difference.

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