Organize Your Team To Deliver Projects on Time

The great secret of team management is organization. A leader needs to be aware of many things simultaneously and maintain good communication between all members. In addition, they must also take care of task and time management, and maintain a total focus on achieving the goals and objectives of the company as a whole.
But how to deal with all this in midst of so many activities and still attain success? Here you will learn some valuable tips that will help any manager to account for all these tasks much more assertively.


1. Value all team members

The success of an organization is always in the hands of its employees. Each team member is important and accounts for a small step towards achieving the goals and objectives. So take the time to appreciate all the team members and make it clear to them how much you care about their tasks and the quality of the work that they deliver.

This kind of attitude usually brings positive results, since when we feel valued, it is common to stay more motivated and work towards a common good.

2. Prioritize clear communication

In many businesses it is common for managers to no share all the information with their team. This is a serious error, because if the employee does not see the ultimate goal, they will feel unmotivated, and will not see the sense in carrying out their tasks.

Feeling part of a whole, and knowing that it is part of something bigger than everyday activities, helps each person to want to do more. So take time in your schedule to maintain a daily, transparent, and objective communication.

3. Delegate tasks to the right people

Delegating tasks is one of the most important points to reach objectives quicker, since more people will be focused on carrying out a task. But many managers make mistakes during this moment, both in quantity overloading some and leaving others without nothing to do  as in quality – assigning tasks that do not correspond to the strengths of each employee.

How to get it right? Keep track of all the tasks assigned and always keep an eye on their execution. Regarding the quality, the more you communicate and talk with your team, the easier it is to delegate tasks correctly.

4. Set goals and deadlines in the short term

All projects and tasks need to have goals and deadlines. Even the most basic. This way you can maintain a good organization of the whole and a more secure control of each step required to reach the ultimate goal.

Furthermore, it is proven that when people are clear with what’s needed for completing the task, including the start and end dates, productivity tends to be much higher.

With these tips, it will be much easier to achieve the company’s goals and keep the team motivated and working together. A good way to put all this into practice is to use a task management software, which provides a macro  and micro view of the team’s tasks at the same time.

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