Task Management: Learn to Assign Tasks

Task management is one of the main problems for current entrepreneurs. The fear in assigning tasks can be an extremely detrimental factor to the business, which entails in missed deadlines. Learning to assign tasks efficiently is one of the great skills necessary for today’s managers.

Check out in this article some tips for the management and delegation of tasks.

Who works with you?

Knowing your team, that is, the employees who work side by side with you, is the first step to an efficient task management.

This directly implies a better team managementunderstanding each employee’s profile, you will know which is the most recommended to assign a certain activity to (or not)..

Be objective in assigning tasks

Use clear communication when you ask for something from your employees, explaining exactly what, when, and why this task needs to be performed.

But be careful not to see your employees like robots not all follow exactly your methods when performing tasks. Learn to trust, however, give them clear and accurate instructions, allowing them to know how much this task will impact the final result.

Set plausible deadlines 

One of the best ways to monitor tasks development is through the application of responsibility tools, which also enable you to better manage time.

And the best among them, no doubt, is to define deadlines. By setting a deadline for the delivery of a task, you might prevent the employee from being late, or simply forgetting to do the task.

Instead of setting only one deadline, also set ‘interim periodsfor better time management. This allows you to monitor not only the end result, as what is being done at each stage of the project.

Give all the necessary support

One of the key roles in task management is to eliminate possible disturbances or difficulties out of the employees’ way, which will cause them to do an even better job.

The obstacles, in this respect, can be eliminated by: giving them more efficient tools to get the results, supplying better equipment, and a more viable deadline (in the case of involving negotiations with customers), and so forth.

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